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Friday, 30 July 2010

Family x

Its the summer holidays and over the next few weeks my grandchildren will be visiting me. I do miss my grandchildren but being the nanny who lives by the sea is wonderful! I often look at this picture of me with my grandchildren and often start thinking of how it is a moment in time captured and how one day my grandchildren will look at it as I do pictures of me with my nanny x x .............

Here I am with my sister......I have very fond memories of tea at nanny and grampys and I am sure its where my love of vintage china comes from...I never saw my nan make a cup of tea that wasn't made in a pot or tea-cup.......
But the memories go back much further in time than I can ever remember...I love hearing what my mum remembers......and I have moments captured in time from my family that are starting to fade away from peoples memories.... we can't remember where or why......but I can hold them in my hand and feel a connection and see where I came from...

Here is my nan as a girl.....she looks about the same age as my daughter now..............
My grandfather as a dashing young man.....he must be the same age as my sons now.....
Nan again as I never saw her....a stylish young woman..............
Here are my great grandparents....................

And here in this last picture, the gentleman standing in the middle of the bridge with the beard is my great, great, great grandad, with my great, great grandparents flanking him!!!

Thats my grandchildren's....great, great, great, great, great grandfather!!! I will pass the photos on to them and one day hope that their children's , children's , children will one day gaze a picture of me x x x x


  1. Oh my you don't look old enough to have grandchildren! Thank you for your wonderful comment, wishing you lots of luck wih your first stall.When I first started mine two and a half years ago people in our area didn't really 'get' vintage, to be honest, some still don't I have been asked a few times if I am a charity stall!Anyway things have picked up over the last 18 months and I have lots of regular customers!
    Have you thought about selling online in the meantime?
    Have a lovely day!
    rachel x

  2. Forgot to say, I love your old family photos, how lovely to have these treasures!
    Rachel x

  3. I'm off to my friend's for lunch in a little while so I haven't got time for a full answer now but I'll get back to you this evening.I've got my stall tommorrow too so I need to make a bit more stock!
    Rachel x

  4. Hello it's me again!Well Done you for plucking up courage to have a stall, it's always a bit daunting at first! First of all you live in an ideal part of the country for people wanting to buy vintage. Regarding flea markets, you just need to contact the organiser and see if they have any space available, they will probably ask you what you sell, as some flea markets don't want lots of people selling the same sort of items!I sell at the market on Thursdays and some Saturdays, our local market is very small so the market inpector only allows one of each type of stall.You just need to look up who to contact on your local council website.Bear in mind you may have to supply your own stall, we do!
    Car boots, this one you'd have to work out if it's worth it yourself. You don't have to pay much to sell but you will probably be swamped first thing by dealers who are looking to sell on at Antique fairs etc, this is fine if you don't mind being knocked down on your prices a bit. You must know in your head what you are prepared to take!
    Hope this helps a little.
    Of course you could always sell online, you can set up your own blogshop for free and take payment by cheque or PayPal!
    Wishing you lots of luck!
    Rachel xx

  5. Ladies,

    I have met this lady in the flesh (so to speak) she deffinately does not look old enough to be a Grandmother, even in the flesh - just in case you thought she may have air-brushed her photos haha!!!
    Michelle x

  6. Wow this is amazing that you have all that pictures..its a treasure!

  7. thank you merel i do have lots more but didn't want to bore you all!!!


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