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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Blogsphere Appeal!!!!!!

Just a quickie.........Madison and I (and a few other people) are desperately trying to find a supplier of cake stand tier holders/ fitments as illustrated in the picture....
I have come to the conclusion that they must be made by pixies on magic anvils from mystical flower petals sprinkled with fairy dust...........they are sooooo expensive!!!!!! For something that looks like it should cost pennies people are charging the earth!!!!!! I anyone out there could help I would be VERY grateful!!!
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  1. Heya, my sister-in-law makes cake stands from vintage china. I'm not sure where she gets them from but she had said they were not cheap and had to buy in bulk to try and keep the cost as low as possible. It may just be a case of trawling the internet to try and find the best deal. xxx

  2. thanks coco rose...have u checked out the lampstand my daughter madison is making...i put a sneak preview on my blog...madison drills all the china and her partner an electrician does all the electrical bits..they are soooooo gorgeous!!!

  3. I LOVE the lampstand! My sister-in-law and I drooled over a similar one in Laura Ashley's catalogue. All white (a tad too bland) and at £100 each a little out of our price range! Made using vintage pieces is a fab idea! Does your daughter sell on Etsy? If she doesn't, she should give it a try as I'm sure the lamps would be a HUGE hit! x

  4. thanks coco rose ma and madison have only been blogging about two-three weeks and are still learning our way around......i am in the process of setting up an etsy shop to sell my vintage bits and will have to mention it to madison x x


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