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Monday, 26 July 2010


My mum got me a surprise pressie a couple of weeks ago, this fab book all about cooking with flowers....one recipe jumped out at me ....a rose petal iced cake.Ever since I have bemoaning the fact that I have no rose bushes in my garden and eyeing up my next door neighbours pale pink roses with envy. I eventually confessed that I wanted to eat their roses and they gladly donated a couple of blooms in exchange for a taster!!!!

I had to improvise though as I didn't have any rosewater in my store cupboard, but luckily my I had just been given another pressie of a big box of Turkish Delight!!! In place of the rose water I just chopped a few squares of it up into small pieces and added this to the cake mixture, and the butter icing....and used it for decoration on top too along with crystallized rose petals....
It was the best cake I have ever made.....everything I love all wrapped up in one package.....cake....roses.....and pinkness!!!!
The sponge had chopped up Turkish delight in it, then it was sandwiched together with rose petal butter icing and lastly topped with rose petal icing......the rosiness was not over whelming...just a lovely after taste....and the crystallized rose petals were slightly stronger tasting and added a lovely extra zing of rosiness heaven....It was YUMMY!!!!
I think I may have to buy a rose bush to plant in my garden!!!And I must be the only woman in England who wants her husband to buy her a bunch of roses ......just so I can eat them!!!
Mum's going to Tunisa soon on a months holiday and if I say pretty please I am wondereing if she can bring me back a couple of bottles of authentic rose water.....pretty, pretty please.......x x x x x x x

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