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Saturday, 17 July 2010

My New Teapot!!

Here is the LOVELY tea pot set my neice Connie got me as a pressie for doing her hair for her prom. Its soooooo lovely I havn't stopped using it since I got it!!!

Its Royal Grafton but there is no pattern name....

Its so pretty x

And it almost matches my wonderful Mothers Day present from my grandchildren x x x

And almost is good enough for me!!!I love this cup, makes me think of my cheeky monkeys everytime I use it!!! x x x x x


  1. It looks lovely!

  2. Well we were on our best behaviour today wernt we:)

    I cannot believe you have Grandchildren!! You really must have been a child Bride. Shame those people came:(

    Let me know if you want any more info on Markets.

    I love bone china cups and saucers.

    The Innkeeperswife collects them at Markets etc., as well. She trys to get sets of 2 or 4 cups saucers and plates because she uses them in her Hotel for her Guests.

    Her Link is on my Blog if you are not a Follower. She is such a lovely lady. I met her at Exeter Livestock Market last year.

    Since then I have been to a watercolour class of hers and she has been to a scrapbook class of mine:)
    Michelle x

  3. thank you very much anon x x
    yes it was a shame those people came michelle, i had had such a busy day!!!! my mother in law had been visting and i had to rush off to meet me hubby!!!!! as to being a child bride well i was vey young....18 and a half!!!!!! i will check out the inn keepers wife.....i am going to start doing some research on the best places to go for a stall.............i think i need more flea markets....depends how much stuff i decide to start making.....talk soon x x


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