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Monday, 2 August 2010

sword tangling, bell jangling, handkerchief waving!!!

Hello, it's that time of the year again, when my quiet, sleepy sea-side town erupts!!!!! its the week long folk festival and my town is invaded by dance troupes from all over Britain and The Rest Of The World.....folk musicans...craftsmen.....food stalls...singers...players and actors!!!

The whole town comes alive with the sound of music, clogs tapping and bells jangling.......
There are bands playing, folk bands singing, workshops where you can learn to sing and dance and all this takes place in every available space, the promenade , the streets, the parks, the pubs, the public halls ...in fact anywhere!!!!!! The fun lasts all day and well into the night and the music and whooping and cheering and singing echoes into the night air...........
There is sooo much to look at , and unusual things to buy as there are craft stalls all along the prom,
And the grand finale is a lantern procession down the hill, onto the beach and then the lanterns are put into the sea and pushed off, apparently an ancient fertility/crop rite that has been going on in Sidmouth for hundreds of years......all accompanied by folk singing and a very large firework display..........It is an amazing, wonderful,musical, vibrant, heart warming week .....keep your eyes peeled for more photos x x x


  1. oh, you lucky thing!... i'll be popping back.

  2. Do you want to do my Village Fun Day on 12th September?

    Outside tables only left. Have you got Gazebo?

    £10 for the day, normally get good turn out!!

    Will be at Sidmouth Saturday week, hopefully just looking after my OWN stall, so we will have more time to talk:)
    Michelle x

  3. yes i think i will have a bash at it!!! I have to start sometime!!! will contact u over the next few days to get details........thank you so much for thinking about me x x xlook forward to seeing you again x


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