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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

My first attempt at bunting!

Yesterday was my eldest daughter Madisons birthday, and here was what I used my "new" sewing machine for!!! Bunting!!!!
Madison has lots of picnics in her garden and has trees ideal for hanging bunting from x

I had a few scraps of fabric hanging around and decided to try and make some bunting as a surprise extra little present for her x

I think it turned out quite well,

Madison was very chuffed with it and I can't wait to see a photo of her garden with it flying!!!!


  1. Hello Sidmouth Poppy! I am so pleased you found my blog as I got to discover yours too and so chuffed you can join the Great British Blog Bake Off - your cake sounds delish and your British Bunting will be just perfect! I'll look forward to visiting you again :-) Kisses Kitty xxx

  2. Wow - I bet she was so thrilled with it! I think the combination of fabrics is just perfect - I love the UJ and roses teamed together.

  3. Love the bunting!!!

    Now bunting is going VERY well at Markets at the mo!! Just a thought:)

    Happy Birthday Maddison for yesterday!!!

    My eldest Sons Birthday is this Sunday coming, he will be 26!!!! where does time go?
    Michelle x

  4. thank you for all the comments guys!!!! i have so many ideas for things to make and so many jobs piling up!!! i just don't know when i am ever going to get around to doing it all!!!!


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