welcome to my blog!!!!

Thank you for dropping by....i will be blogging about my life in Devon by the sea-side, decorating my 1926 home, vintage treasure hunting from auctions, charity shops , recycling centres and the good old british car booty!! One mans rubbish is another mans treasure! baking, sewing, painting and probably the weather!!!! enjoy!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

The tree goes up

was a bit of a struggle and only achieved with help from the hubster and my best friend Mr.Paracetamol . But it's up.......sorry I am not the perfect blogger and hid the extension lead! there is still a huge box of baubles that I have left in the attic to go on it...but I might leave it as it is this year...with just the glass vintage baubles on it ......needs must!...AND.....I still have my red and gold dining room tree to put up with HUNDREDS of baubles!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

December 1st,,,crack out the tea cup!

 Went for an autumnal walk with a good friend the colours were amazing!!
 We found berries in lots of different hues...we picked a few and made up a little bouquet as we walked around..
 I bought this little 50p pine cone Christmas tree on a button at a local craft fair and I really, really, lobes it sooooooo much x little things please small minds lol x It's perfect for cheering up my seasonal tea trays.
 As it's the first of the month  cracked out the Royal Albert  December Trio and for good measure added one of my Christmas tree knives.
 I am so excited...it's the build up to my most favourite time of the year.
 I also cracked out one of my Christmas spoons bought from MoreTvicar
 Isn't my lickel Christmas tree wonderful....
 I so enjoy the run up to the festive period....I spring clean the house, ready to get down the boxes and boxes of Christmas things.....
 We will probably put the tree up next weekend....
I had some of my homemade Mulled Wine jam...Christmas on toast ! and I served  in a Poinsettia shot glass x Are you all getting excited to x x

Monday, 18 November 2013

Monday morning .....

 Monday morning is the most depressing time of the week....
 So there is nothng better than a lovely.....
 Old Country Roses breakfast tray....
 To chase away the Monday blues....
 Coddled eggs with ham and tomatoes....
Hope you all enjoyed your breakfast x

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Autumn Beach Afternoons

 Hasn't the weather been glorious for November......
 Had some wonderful walks along the beaches in blazing sunshine,
 We have been able to bask in the autumn sunshine....
 We collected sea shells for a Christmas present idea I have ..sea shell bunting!
 We sat and talked, threw pebbles into the sea and did our special tricks!

 We have spent time on Beer beach and Sidmouth beach too

We were even adopted by Bella for the afternoon, a fisherman's dog who spent hours chasing pebbles we threw for her, think we would still be doing it if she had her way.
Hope you have been enjoying the autumn sunshine too x

Monday, 4 November 2013

Christmas Stocking Fillers and Floral Pictures

 Hello peeps have been busy doing nothing as the saying goes ...
 But I have got around to making a few lickel stocking fillers for the girls, vintage button hairgrips.....
 Button brooches
 And smelly sweater hearts....nice smelly not nasty smelly, they have a few drops of Fresh Linen oil on the stuffing and are made from old felted sweaters.....
 Now most of the flowers of summer have faded I am taking great delight in my flower pictures
 I love my Vernon Ward flowers.....
 This plaster flower was found at a jumble sale, and I love the dark flower picture underneath
 My latest flower acquisition..50p from a jumble sale, it had lots of marks all over it but I got it home and removed the print, cleaned the glass and it scrubbed up good as new! 
 This is my favourite...its paper mounted on a plaster plaque.....
And my giant floral standard  lampshade  which I have hung from the centre of the ceiling , which is the bane  of my rather tall Hubsters life as he keeps banging his head on it, but as I say you have to suffer for beauty and I keep hoping it will knock some sense into him!

Hope you are all enjoying November ...and the slow build up to to the festive season 

Friday, 18 October 2013

Hello, sorry I have been away for so long...I left my camera behind on a train, along with my bag with all my birthday presents in and my computer died but I am back on track....
Have been enjoying the autumnal weather
It's perfect weather to go foraging with my little grandaughters
Patience and Esme

I have also been enjoying using my newest tea pot...she is a teeny tiny decorated brown  bettyand she is so pretty and autumnal I am so in love with her.
Have started making quilts for the girls beds for Christmas , not by hand this time but by machine...We try to make as many presents as we can or buy previtntage...pre loved vintage x x x

I have pickled eggs, no mamby pamby white vinegar..we want to wince when you bite into them! And in honour of my grandfather I have got a sweet jar and pickled onions.My grandfather Grampy Uzzell made the best pickled onions and piccalilli in the whole wide world...maybe I will make some piccalilli next year...Right I am off to start  shredding grapefruit skins for some grapefruit marmalade....I am glad to be back and will catch up with all your blogs over the next few days x x x