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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

My Vintage China Collection x

Hello peeps, thought I would show you one of my main passions today...my vintage china collection, which is rapidly getting out of hand!!!!
Here is my "best" stuff, my mum bought it for me last year, it's called Kentish Rockery. It's by Royal Albert.

I realised that as I have a few extra side plates and saucers, that I could buy a dinner plate and make a Kentish Rockery cake stand!

Here is my next favourite set.....I originally had just a single plate and cake plate and then found cups and saucers and side plates at a car boot sale...I was soooo happy!!!

I do so love the gold and the pink roses x x

Here is the rest of my collection x
I do plan to paint my dresser white, or duck egg blue...it's on my very long list of to do things!!!
I have filled every available space on my dresser!!!
But have a cunning plan....................
I think I will start piling the side plates and saucers up underneath the shelves...which will free up loads more space...and then when it fills up again I have another master plan!!!
Cup hooks!!!!!
Every morning I pick a different cup, saucer and side plate to use......
Its wonderful to use a different cup each day and I find it cuts down on the dusting!!!LOL!!!
When I have visitors they take great delight in choosing their own set to use.......
Some of them are worth a bit of money!!!!
But I love the fact that I use them and have brought them back to life!!!
Tea tastes sooooo much better from a china cup!!!!
Everyone knows what they can buy me for my birthday or Christmas.....
I am very easy to buy for!
Although the other half rolls his eyes and asks me if i REALLY need another tea cup!!!!
Of course I do!!! A girl can never have enough china tea cups!!!!! I also have a collection of sugar bowls, milk jugs , tea-pots , cake stands and cake plates, but I will save those for another day!!!! Hope you enjoyed looking at my babies x x x x


  1. WOW!!!! Your collection of china pretties is wonderful. I love the way they are displayed at the moment but your cunning ideas also sound fabulous...Can't wait to see more soon.

    Best wishes,

  2. thank you natasha!!!!!! x x x x

  3. Oh wow - I adore your collection. The one that I've chosen for my cuppa today is the one with the thick pink band on the bottom shelf :-)
    I've been thinking about cup hooks toas I've a lot of odd cups awaiting saucers - I wonder if hooks are OK or if they might damage handles ????

  4. mmmmm i am not sure about that i will have to do some research...i can never say which is my favourite as it changes every day!!!! i have started buying odd saucers as i always come across beautiful cups that have lost their saucers and mis-matched china has a charm of its own i think...i am awaiting a load of china to come from my mums which should be here friday...i am going to start a stall up selling china, cakestands i am making and the tea cup lamps my daughter makes.....i am building stock as we speak! thanks for your comment louise x

  5. Beautiful! You have inspired me to go and rearrange my dresser now.. :-)

  6. welcome rebecca.......i don't do alot of arranging in my house or dusting!!LOL!!! if u look closely there is even spider in one of the pics !!!!i am not really a hoarder..if it don't get used it gets gone!!! I have a jug and covered sugar bowl and teapot in my living room which are used as ornaments but also they are the designated ear phone and memory stick holders....i like that something old has a modern function!!!! and i can't abide candles that have never been lit!!! i don't keep candles for special occasions...everyday in special in my house!!!!

  7. Hi there! Thanks for leaving a comment on my post as it enabled me to find you! WOW, what a serious amount of china! TOTALLY ENVIOUS!!!!! I thought my mother-in-law held the trophy for the most amount....but..I think you definitely win hands down! What gorgeous treasures!

    I LOVE vintage china, but, alas, only have a miniscule amount to paw over. The new china I have just started collecting is by a company called Pip-Studio. I think I love it as it looks quite vintage looking...in a modern way if that makes sense! The company is like a scandinavian Cath Kidston...only brighter! They do bedding, bath, china, bags and wallpaper.

    Right, better go, kids yelling at me to feed them! I will be back to have a big long read! Take care Vanessa xxx

  8. thank you coco rose....i must admit i did fall in love with your tea-pot and matching china....i think its very gypsy like,,also reminds me of english canal art. I am going to check out their web site!!!!

  9. Erm WOW that is an amazing collection...the dresser is pretty lovely too, you lucky thing. I like the point about the dusting, your friends are very lucky choosing their own set for tea, I wouldn't know where to start. I agree with Coco Rose above, that the best modern designs are currently by Pip-Studio. The designer is Dutch and I love her bird designs. See what you think http://www.pip-studio.co.uk/. Roses are my first love though, like you I suspect, looking at your collection, although that Kentish Rockery design is to die for too xx

  10. thanks mrs stokes x the dresser cost me £15 from an auction, i used to have two (the other one cost me a £5) but i thought two overpowered my dining room and i got rid of it...i am shelving the alcove instead!! and when i have run out of space then, i am considering putting a shelf at picture rail height around the room!!! i have a bit of a job lot of china arriving on saturday, hopefully, my mum buys me tons of stuff and i am waiting for a friend to deliver it x i know i have a daffodil set and a rose set coming and a few extra ones too x i kinda don't think a tea cups a real tea cup unless it has a rose on it lol!!! thank you for the lovely comments..i feel like you are a my master ...lol as in kung fu and karate kid My glue arrived yesterday so i have started glueing my first three cakestands together, it's a bit trial and error at the moment.i will blog about it tomorrow ...the glue won't be ready till saturday and then i can test it!!! been trying to fingd cake tier fittings but i am convinced they must be made by pixies on fairy anvils from magical flowers and fairy dust they are so expensive!!!! x talk soon x


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