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Friday, 23 July 2010

I'm a little tea-pot short and stout!!!

Tea pots today peeps!!!
I have a few!! Not all vintage though, a mixture of vintage and modern but I love them all
x x x
This tea pot and sugar bowl are my favourite ones, they are in my living room and used as ornaments, they also function as the designated ear phone and memory stick holders!!! I love that something so old can have such a modern function!!!
The front one is a V&A one x
Two vintage ones.....I must admit the one in front is my current favourite and was given as a present for doing my nieces hair for her prom!!! Did I mention I am a hairdresser specialising in bridal hair??? although I haven't really worked for the last two years as I have on-going carpel tunnel syndrome.......I do the odd wedding here and there as favours or wedding presents....and proms for friends and family but I do hope to go back to it one day x
A vintage spode in front and two modern ones behind.....cupcakes and chintz x
I love the stripey one with tea-pot stand...its quite sea-sidey!!!!
I think this is a coffee pot but its gorg!!!!
This is a modern white tea-pot but its large and fits in with anything with a bit of gold on it!!
Beautiful pink rose vintage one and my grandchildren love the cat one!
And last but not least roses again!!!!
I have sugar bowls, jugs, and side plates left to show you x
Hope u have a good weekend........I will be busy glueing my cakestands, and watching my husband finish his sailing course hopefully sat in the sun-shine on the sailing club balconey with drinky poos in hand x x x

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  1. Hi fab teapots!
    You ask about a beginners book for crochet to be honest l'd use 'YOU TUBE' as a beginner so you can see exactly what to do and keep watching it over and over until you get it right lol....almost any stitch you want will be on there other than that ask me for info on any particular stitch and l'll do my best to help
    Learn't when l was about 8/9yrs old and have played hooky on and off over the years about 50 all together hehe...ooooooh too many!!
    l'll have a look around for a good basic crochet book for you and let you know always nice to have a book as well
    Hugs x
    Good luck


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