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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The days are ticking down..........

I had an operation on Monday to remove a lipoma from my shoulder and am feeling rather sore!!! Its going to be a bit painful for a few days and I am not able to do much of anything for a couple of days.......While languishing upon the sofa I am getting the itching in my fingers to create something..........The days are ticking away and my mind is turning to the thought of making Christmas presents to get a head start and it not to be a huge panic in November and December!!!! I have a number of canvases hanging around the house...and while I admit I am no artist,(give me a blank canvas and I am flummoxed,) I am a dab hand at copying things!!! Here are a few canvases I have done and given away as presents....

I would like to do my grandchildren a canvas each as I really do not like giving them plastic toys that are thrown in the bin in a couple of years time....and I have had a couple of requests from my children so I think I will have to start looking around for inspiration!! AND......I think its about time I attempted something shabbyfied!!!!!!


  1. What is a Lipoma?

    If you want shabbyfied, have you heard of Tim Holtz. All the craze at the mo, he is American and I just LOVE his stuff.

    If you type Tim Holtz into Google you will find loads of inspiration - you tube too!!

    Cant believe you comin on Sat!! Better be on my best behaviour!!
    Michelle x

  2. a lipoma is a fatty lump......funnily enough i have a feeling that my whole arse is one gert lipoma!!!! i will check out tim holtz......are u on facebook???? add me as a friend(IF U WANTS) claire-louise jinks x x


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