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Sunday, 18 July 2010

My Lovely "New" Old Sewing Machine!

Finally got out my "new" sewing machine. a 1958 electrical Singer. She is a beauty!
She came with all these attachments...I have NO clue whatsoever what they are used for....they look very complicated!!!!

I wasn't sure if she would work as the better half bought her from an auction for the princeley sum of £1!!!! But I plugged her in and she fired right up!!!

I have never really got on with sewing machines much before I tend to spend more time unclogging, re-threading,trying to work out what I am doing wrong....but I actually spent more time sewing than twiddling around!!!!

I can't show you what I sewed yet.......as its a present.........

I was sooo chuffed with her and will cherish her!!!!!
till next time folks x x x


  1. i love this sewing machine, i want 1!!

  2. we can get you one if you want babes x x x i thought u would prefer a modern one ...aunty jenny said they were still the best machines you can get! i will keep my eyes open x x x


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