welcome to my blog!!!!

Thank you for dropping by....i will be blogging about my life in Devon by the sea-side, decorating my 1926 home, vintage treasure hunting from auctions, charity shops , recycling centres and the good old british car booty!! One mans rubbish is another mans treasure! baking, sewing, painting and probably the weather!!!! enjoy!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

More finds and a make x....

Found these wonderful side plates the other day while treasure hunting....|They are not my usual type of purchase as I prefer older vintage pieces but I just couldn't resist them.

They are so whimsical and humorous...portraying a typical English summertime!!They are from 1959!
Found these delish lickel plates...much more "me" and I love them x

And finally two art deco dinner plates....they are much smaller than modern dinner plates which is very helpful as I am trying to cut down on my portions.

Found this piece of material for 50p and the larger crochet hook for 50p too!

Was my only granddaughters 1st birthday so as a pressie I found out her mummy's dolly from the attic ...Katie- May is 23 years old and was bought on my daughter Madison's 1st birthday.

So I got out my fabrics and sewed a dress for her..........

First dress I have ever made, had to make it all up myself too as I didn't have a pattern...but boy did I pay for it.....my hand is frizzling away like its plugged into an electrical socket....no more sewing for me until after my operation!!!!!
Hope you are all enjoying the spring sunshine x x

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Wedding Hair!

This weekend was the wedding that I have been resting my hand for!! My beautiful cousin got married in Somerset. It was a really beautiful wedding. As her wedding present I did her and her two bridesmaids hair.....

It has been over a year since I did any ones hair....and I was a tiny bit worried...but everything went without a hitch............ here's the brides hair as she sat down for me to do the last little tidying up bits...re tong the bit that had fallen down and affix her little veil....

I was due to have my last operation yesterday but the surgeon postponed it till the end of the month.....

Doing this wedding made me realise that I can't wait to start advertising in sunny Devon to do weddings and proms......

Here's me with my Poundland bow in my hair....I was looking for a fascinator in all the posh shops and then walked into Poundland and saw this....and I love it!!!

I do love weddings!!!!