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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Anyone for cake!

Finally got my assignment of china from my mother (will show you all my goodies another day). In amongst all the beautiful china was this little box x

Look what was inside!!!! Cake!!!!!
This beautiful set of knitted Bakewell tarts...........

And a selection of adorable cup cakes...........
They will look wonderful displayed on the cake stands on my stall................
And they are the best kind of cake, non fattening!!! And at least they will last longer than five minutes....the average length of time cake lasts in my house!!


  1. Love the Cakes!!!

    Are they going to Market?

    Did you see our Quality Craft Fair advertised in the Sidmouth Herald yesterday. It always makes me laugh when I see "Quality Craft Fair"

    Arnt all Crafts Fairs "Quality" haha

    There is a big Craft Event at Canonteign Falls tomorrow 11 - 4pm. It is a gorgeous place, if you havent been:)
    Michelle x

  2. Gorgeous cakes!
    You seem to get given lovely things don't you?

  3. thanks michelle, yes mum has knitted the cakes for me to sell on the stall.....i will have a look in the sidmouth herald...i may see u there!!! i have two lots of visitors down so its really hectic this weekend. oh and check out my next post!!!!!lol!!!
    and cupcakesandbiscuits yes i do get lots of presents......i think its because i am so good at recieving them!!!LOL!! i honestly get really excited!! i couldn't care less how much things cost...i usually adore everything people get me!! and people know that i cherish them!!! EVERYONE gets me pressiesx x x i seem to attract them!


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