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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Someone's upped their game!!!!!!!!!!

My daughter came running into the house with some wallpaper samples all excited saying" look at these mum!!!!"

How delish is this!!!!!!!!! Little birds and robins with Union Jacks!!!!
I am putting this in a frame to use as a picture, its quite shabbylishious!!!!
I would have died for this Marylin Monroe wallpaper when I was a teenager...
I had a thing for Marylin when I was younger and I suppose she could be considered "retro"

I was quite taken with this floral too....
And nearly fell over when my daughter told me she got them from B&Q.......yes you heard me right B&Q!!!!!! I can't wait to pop in there and see what else they have there, their wallpaper has changed since I was in there last!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow!
    I wallpapered my bathroom and son's room with B&Q paper and was very impressed with the range last year ... but these are quite something else!
    I'm tempted to get a few 'samples' of that robin paper to wrap xmas pressies.

  2. I love the birds! That is adorable! So creative too!


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