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Thank you for dropping by....i will be blogging about my life in Devon by the sea-side, decorating my 1926 home, vintage treasure hunting from auctions, charity shops , recycling centres and the good old british car booty!! One mans rubbish is another mans treasure! baking, sewing, painting and probably the weather!!!! enjoy!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Where am I going to put it all?????

Whoo Hoo!! It was like Christmas today when The Better Half came home with some mixed boxes from the auction for me.....I have so much stuff building up, I am finding it hard to find the space for it all...just hope the peeps out there will like it enough to buy some of it!!!

Who could resist a pink rose x
An old wash bowl....wouldn't it make a fantastic party bowl filled with ice and a few bottles in x
Four beautiful dinner plates, Sunday dinner would be soooo much tastier on this!! x
A delicate little trio....
A transfer ware gravy boat
Everyone loves a crinoline lady dinner plate x
Here are plates for cakestands...found lots of green today!
A two tier ice blue and white one maybe.....
Someone already has their eye on this future cake-stand!!!!!

A dessert serving dish and four bowls called The Fens
Rosa Meakin serving dishes and a cute pink jug x

A yellow cake plate.......
A pressed glass plate, very sunny,

Another Meakin bowl......

A set of four hand painted poppy cups and saucers...they look 1930's to me....

A job lot of saucers destined to be the top tier of cake stands...a beautiful pink rose....
Some striking black ones...I think a black stand would be lovely,
A rose is a rose even ifin it's yella!!!
Pretty florals..............
And the piece de resistance .......
A beautiful part tea set.........5 trios and a cake plate and enough extra plates and saucers to make a matching cake stand!!

I think the boy done good, don't you!!! Just have to pluck up the courage to do a stall!!!!


  1. Hi Just discovered your great blog and will follow it so I can have a proper read when its not so late !
    Best wishes
    Sue x (also in Devon!)

  2. Hello, just spent a lovely time reading through your blog, I love your taste and your vintage china. Am now a follower so will be back soon!! x Gem

  3. Oh I think I might just have to lie down for a bit!!!!!!!! I would have been in complete heaven sorting through that lot! What treasures! Lucky you! Have complete and utter fun with it! Have a fab day! Hugs Vanessa xxx

  4. hi vanessa ,
    thank u for the comment, i had great fun and I have to do it all again saturday! as have a jib lot arriving again!
    Trouble is as I am building up the stock and the corage to do a stall i am finding that i want to keep so much!!
    I really am running out of places to put it all though, although.......i have come up with a legit excuse to keep some...as i have come up with the idea of hiring out china for vintage tea parties...need to build up a collection of trios, tea pots, sugar bowls , milk jugs and cake stands...well that my excuse and i am sticking to it!!!LOL!!!

  5. jib =job lot,
    that should be thats...
    i promise i ain't been on the gin yet....typos!!!

  6. rather open shop though, and take something home every night... for free! although i prefer to look at it, rather than to have it all, i'm having a great time scrolling through your pages... soooooooo english! :)

  7. What beautiful china Claire, it's almost taken my breath away. Totally gorgeous! Good luck with the stall Mrs Stokes xx

  8. Wow such a collection! I have a Fens two-tier cake stand and I had never seen any other pieces with that hand-painted design until seeing your blog. I also have a similar era house to you (1922) :) Alison


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