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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A bevy of cake stands x

Been playing around with the new china I got yesterday x x

I now have quite a few cake stands ready for purchase!!! I love them all!!!
I love this yellow one, its not a colour that I would automatically pick, but when I saw it all together I think its one of the loveliest...just have to glue it now x x
A visitor had their eye on this green one the minute they saw the plates stacked together...
I like the combination of this blue one x x plenty of room for cakes, I have seen the cake stands made with cups in-between but I don't think this leaves enough room for cakes!!!
This is a two tier with a crystal base......
And this is my favourite with a Meakin Rosa serving plate and rosy removable cup, ideal for jam or cream if you are having a cream tea x
I had these tiny dishes/plates and thought they would make lovely little trinket dishes...or sweet dishes...or single cup cake holders...very shabby chic.....one made with a flowery shot glass and one with a tiny spare cup I had.I think they are cute!!!
My daughter is trying to steal one away up to her bedroom to place on her dressing table to display her jewellery.
I think this is a lovely idea x x
The small little ones make excellent brooch or ring holders x
I may keep one for my dressing table... its so much better to keep your vintage brooches on show than locked away in drawer or box.....
A close up of the green one....
Beautiful yellow roses.....
This one I may have to keep for myself.... especially as it was the first one I ever made x
I suppose I should take a few pictures of my cake stands with cakes on!!! I feel a good excuse for a cream tea coming up!!! Scones on the bottom tier, sliced strawberries on the second and jam in the cup.... yummity yum!!!!! They will also look lovely on my stall with my mothers knitted cakes on......x x x x


  1. These look beautiful, I especially like the green one.
    Ann x

  2. What a beautiful assortment of cake plates! My Sister-in-law made me a vintage one for christmas in pinks and I use it all the time.....somehow, cakes taste so much better! he he! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Beautiful cake stands and what a great idea to use them for other pretties.

  4. marvellous combo's - well done!
    i also want to say i love the uk robins in your next post... they're fun!


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