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Friday, 20 August 2010

Another present!!

My daughter and her partner gave me a wonderful present when they arrived for a visit!!
An old Singer treadle sewing machine!!

Its soooo wonderful!!! I can't help thinking of all the amazing things that have been made on it x The wooden top needs a jolly good sanding down and then a re-varnish.......but..........if I have to sand it down anyway.......a quick coat of white egg shell and some porcelain rose handles wouldn't be much more work!!!!! This isn't my exact machine.......but its close enough....,..
As my daughter Poppy is doing a textile course over the next two years, this baby threaded up and ready to go at all times , will come in very handy. And I can imagine the bunting and hearts and quilts that I will sew on her x x x After a quick service I am sure she will be around for another hundred years.....long after the modern ones are residing in a hole in the ground!!!! She came complete with lots of foot attachments.....hemmers and rufflers......if we need anything more sophisticated I can always bring out the modern machine........but how much more delightful to sew on this!!!!!


  1. I'm green, green, green! You lucky lady!
    Have fun!
    Ali xx

  2. i know i am sooooo lucky and i love her!! keep your eyes peeled ladies as i am buying one to recondition and then paint in the old farrow and ball and rose handles and put up for sale!!!!! x x x x x


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