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Friday, 1 October 2010

Today I really AM a MIZ-BAG!!!!

Its not often I am down but I am going through a right rough patch! Went to the hospital yesterday and was told that I have to have TWO operations both on my hands due to Carpel Tunnel and then they have to go into plaster....which wouldn't be too bad except I had the same two operations two years ago!
The pain and sleepless nights are turning me into a little old lady...........and I find it hard to do all the things I used to do craft wise ................but I try, I have to do things in little spurts!!!
I have to thank all you lovely people out there............
I love looking at every single one of your blogs.......I get my creative fix from watching all the amazing, wonderful things I see on your blogs x x I love the comments I receive x x And although I am relatively new to the blogging scene I feel like I have found some new friends....It's like having a giant magazine and every single page is full of stuff I LOVE!!!

I am looking to the future where hopefully I can get into trying to do what I love best......Bridal Hairdressing........once my hands are sorted I intend to start putting myself around in the East Devon area and build up clientele, so I have that to look forward too!!!! x x x x x

Thank You all x x x x x x


  1. Thank you - we all love your blog too! Good luck with your surgery, I do hope that it works OK this time. Bridal hairdressing - here you come.xx

  2. if you want to pass the award on, just save the pic, then pass it on to a few blogs taht you think deserve a versatile blogger award. And state some facts about yourself..easy as that. Oh and somepeople me included put our awards on the sidebar of our blog too xxx

  3. Thank You helen!!x x x and thanks again Lissylou....i will get onto that later.....

  4. Oh I hope that the operations will be okay for you and that they will make your hands feel so much better.

    I have been blogging for a year and I couldn't give it up now! I have met a huge amount of amazing people. I am constantly inspired, amazed by such talent, creativity and generosity of both time and spirit. It really is like reading the most fantastic magazine daily!

    An award much deserved!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. I ma so sorry to hear about this. I really hope that the operation is a huge success and that you will be pain free. Take care and I will be keeping you n my thoughts and prayers.

    Congratulations on your sweet award-you deserve it!

    Best wishes always,

  6. Oh dear, I really should proof read more carefully... I am so sorry not ma sorry!!


  7. hi hun, right..highlight and copy the link of the blog at the top of the internet page, then highlight the word in your new post box you want to link to. when you are in the new post box you will see a box called link. click on that and paste into the box, then click ok. Hope that makes sense? xx

  8. Hiya
    Sure the ops will be worth it. Hope they leave your fingers out of the casts so you can blog.
    Have a good weekend
    Sue xx

  9. Hope everything will go well for you this time,and wishing you all the luck with your new venture...sounds such fun! :o)

  10. I know how painful this is my husband had both his wrists done a couple of years ago after much pain,
    he was lucky to recover quickly and even washed the car after 4 days (he wasen;t supposed to)
    I hope your recovery is as good this time so you can get back to doing what you enjoy.
    Cate x

  11. Oh poor you :( Ive had 2 carpal tunnel releases years ago and know the pain you are in, but to habe it done twice is awful. Didnt have to have plaster though... comiserations but just think of the relief you will have after :)
    Parcel on its way soon to cheer you :)
    Heather x


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