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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Vintage weddings

Ever since I was a young girl I have been obsessed by wedding dresses! I just love vintage wedding dresses too. My mother has just bought this knitting pattern!!!

Now when she told me she had just bought a 1934 knitting pattern for a wedding dress, I couldn't quite envision what it would look like.So I was amazed when I saw the above picture. My mother can knit anything...and I mean anything...intricate cables, Fair Isle, you name it but I doubt this is one pattern she will ever get to knit...which is a shame.
I have always had a ever changing list of favourite all time wedding dresses...................

I just find this shot enchanting..........I would love a print of it to hang on my wall. for a vintage photograph its a very spontaneous shot, I think its beautiful.
Marylin's dress was a very restrained affair......considering she was at the time the worlds most famous film star I admire her decision to keep it simple and intimate........
My second favourite dress is this one from The Sound of Music.....I love its simplicity and can remember the hundreds of tiny buttons from the neck to the floor....check it out on you tube, Maria's wedding song . Its simply stunning.
And the most gorgeous, amazing wedding dress of all time.......................This one gets it every time...........
Luckily and surprisingly my 14 year old daughter Poppy has always agreed with me, which bears well for the future....hopefully she will have a vintage themed wedding and even a vintage wedding dress one day.
My favourite style of wedding dress has changed over the years.......at one point I have loved Empire Line dresses....the biggest ballgown styles.... historical themed dresses....hunting gown style complete with top hat..at the moment i have a thing for lace and ballerina length dresses but I have never wavered from this dress being my favourite.
I would love to hear and see what vintage wedding dresses have stuck in your mind from your childhoods.


  1. Like you I love wedding dresses,especially vintage and yes,the one Princess Grace wore was stunning.When I got married the Princess Di style was in fashion,so my dress was similar!Now my tastes have changed my choice would be very different. :o)

  2. Oh gorgeous, gorgeous pictures. How fantastic would that be to have a knitted wedding dress! The picture below is amazing also! I have a thing for marilyn and loved the simplicity of her dress. Will have to watch the sound of music to see that dress. And I am right with you on Grace Kelly's dress. I have always thought it was completely stunning. Have a gorgeous book on Grace Kelly. She was gorgeous, like Marilyn.

    I quite like grecian style wedding dresses...something lovely about looking like a goddess on your big day! Where I used to work they had a section with lovely wedding dresses, and when we used to have to have a uniform try on session, a few of the wedding dresses used to come in our fitting rooms too and we all wondered whether we could get away with wearing them in the shop as uniform! ha ha! xxxxxxx

  3. gorgeous dresses...Grace Kelly has to be the most beautiful bride ever!!

    theres an award waiting for you on my blog xx

  4. yes grecian coloumn dresses are very sophisticated ...........I have never tried on a wedding dress in my life.......I eloped to penzance cornwall and wore a whitre dress shirt, a pair of black leather trousers and a designer patchwork black fitted jacket that had loads of different pin stripes!!!!
    now i am too old to play the blushing bride..........although I have found a catherine herra countrystyle dress based on a shirt dress and ticking like fabric that would cover up my bingo wings!!LOL! have to buy a lottery ticket tonight!!!

  5. re lady dianas dress..........i really didn't like it at the time but now I think its of its time and one of the all time iconic wedding dresses of all time....there is one particular shot where it looks like the archetypal princess wedding dress....i now love it!!
    I feel a vintage wedding no.2 post coming on!!!!

  6. Love the famous shot of Princess Diana's trail and veil billowing in the breeze as they mounted the Cathedral entrance steps. Such a needless, tragic, untimely end to her marriage and subsequently, her life on this earth.


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