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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Snuggling at Home Sweet Home!

As my hands have been poorly I have been having lots of "take it easy" days. Today was one too!
And I have been in a right snugglumpcious mood. Its a bit chilly today so I decided to get the fire lit and snuggle up on the sofa with my trusty painkillers close at hand!

I love candles..........
My open fire with logs crackling away.......made me realise that although I still have lots and lots to do to my little house (my hands have slowed progress down BIG time) I really do love her....
I love all the little bits that I am starting to gather around me from auctions and sales...........
My chandeliers...........
My china collection...I didn't own a single tea cup this time two years ago!!!
My lovely lamps that cast a warm glow around the house.......
This one my daughter made for me from cups and saucers.....
The sconces I light with tea candles...........
Converted from sidelights bought for 50p each!
My old granny standard lamp waiting to be covered with Union Jack tea towels hands permitting!!

My vintage beach photograph......hopefully I will find more,,,,,,,,,,,,,

My collection of old glass candlesticks which suddenly appeared on my mantelpiece when my back was turned!LOL!
The little hearts over rosy door handles..........
My lovely rosy painting saved from the tip!!!
My chimney breast cupboard bought for £4.00!.....................
She really is home sweet home x x x
Of course I had to have an afternoon cup of tea.....
With some home made cherry muffins.............
Time to poke the fire....chuck another log on and think about what delights I can prepare for dinner.......................... x x x x

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  1. So sorry to hear your hands are still sore. What a gorg home you have, what a clever daughter you have the teacup lampshade is just gorg, love the rose print you saved, and your log fire Ohh how lovely is that ;-) Snuggle away it will do you good im sure. Beautiful post. take care Dee x

  2. How I'd love a real fire! Your home looks cosy and very snuggly..and you have such pretty things.Hope your hands heal soon so you can get started on that lamp. :o)

  3. what a lovely snuggly home...mmm i want some of that cherry cake!!

  4. Were the autumn t lights nice? Think they were orange...
    Heather x

  5. I'm loving the little hearts and the cherry muffins! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  6. thank you for all the lovely comments...the rose picture isn't a print!! its an oil painting..has the artists name and the back and a price too £100!!!!
    the tea lights are lovely!!!!!thank you heather!!!
    the cherries are from lidil they do a large jar of them in syrup!!! and they are yum!!! x x

  7. Never fails to amaze me what people throw away hope your hands are better soon. I have a couple of lampshades to recover will be interested to see how you get on
    Cate x

  8. What a lovely home you have made! Love oozes from each photo!! I am sorry to hear you are having problems with your hands. Can I ask what the problem is? Arthritis?

  9. yes i am forever amazed what people throw away, i have to suppress the squeals of delight when i find them! my lickel house was in a rather unloved state when we moved in, she has had to have a lot of the plaster work replaced which was horrendous! As for my hands I have carpal tunnel in both hands my left one is being operated on November the fifth and the right one a few weeks later. Unfortunately I had exactly the same operation on both hands two years ago........ :(


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