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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Changing Tastes......

Isn't it funny how your taste changes. i have only been into all things "shabby" and vintage for two years and even in this short time my taste has changed!
I have gone from drooling over complete tea sets like these.....

To oohing and arrhing over mismatched sets........

But now days the thing that makes my heart beat a little faster are totally mismatched sets......

My "shabby" tastes have also changed, two years ago I would have stuffed my house to the gills with Cath Kidston stuff, and have everything matching .........

Now I prefer a style where everything looks as though it has evolved naturally, a mix of old and new and definitely not everything matching!!!
What do you like!!!!


  1. I like a bit of both depending on my mood! I also alternate between plain, simple china to over the top china! It's great that there such a choice out there!

    Have a super day!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I too was a late discoverer of shabby chic. I love your mis-matched placements, they just seem 'easier on the eye'? Thankfully the lack of CK shops in Suffolk (and the £4.95 postage charge) stopped me going CK crazy. I think that I must be the only blogger never to have set foot in one of the shops!xx

  3. I like to mix my plain white with my patterned vintage.When we have guests it gives me a chance to use my nice pieces,but otherwise it's my CK for everyday use.

  4. I love the Tree decorations and chandeliers wow they would make an inpact ;-) I have made my friend a pin cushion in a vintage tea cup and also one for myself in a sugar bowl, they look so lovely and are so easy to do. Im very much like you i love mixing the old and the new and shaking it all together to create your own individual style its great fun. Dee x

  5. Well, I think I am maybe the only Vintage freak NOT to like Cath the Kid. It always looked too easy and contrived for me. Much prefer doing my own mixes with new, old and rather knackered bits, especially if they come from family, it means more and is unique! I love matching and mish-mash.


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