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Friday, 8 October 2010

And the winner is...............

Had a bit of a change of plan!!! I was going to get Poppy to draw the winner but....she has gone straight from school for a sleepover (no one tells me...I am only the mother!!!!) So I have had to get The Better Half to do it which was a very tiring process..........
I had to explain over and over again what it was I was doing.....He just does not get "blogging", or swaps or giveaways or vintage (it's just old junk) or shabby s***e (flouncy girly stuff)....did not understand why I had to write every ones name down, why not just get him to pick a number from his head,why did I have to photograph everything? his main question was whether it was going to cost him money or not and what was the point, how did I know if anyone wanted the c**p i picked out?????......honestly he should do a guest appearance on Grumpy Old Men!!!

Anyway I eventually got everything cut and folded and placed in a beautiful blue Spode serving dish and he DID do the honours and the winner is.......................

So congratulations!!!! I now have to face twenty million questions as I find some pretty stuff to wrap it in!!! Please excuse the sexy hand gloves...( I had to hold the winner while he took the pic on his phone!!)

And for everyone who missed out...keep your eyes peeled I am collecting some pretty things for my November give away!!!! x x x x


  1. That made me laugh- my husband is just the same (or maybe worse)
    Sue x

  2. MEN!!...they just don't get it do they? Congratulations to the lucky winner!

  3. Oh!! Its me!!!! Thankyou sooooooo much:)

    My first win!! and what lovely things, just up my street. Thankyou.

    And as for Husbands, lets face it, we know where their thoughts lie:-/

    We are soooooo lucky to enjoy all the more sophisticated things in life:)

    Thankyou again:)
    Michelle x

  4. Congratulations Michelle! Lucky lucky you!

    Yeap, with you all on the men thing....they just don't get it...any of it! xxxxx

  5. Well done Michelle
    arn't men lucky they have us :)
    Cate x


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