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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The most beautiful piece of jewellery EVER!

If by some miracle I was granted genie's wish and I could own any object in the whole of the world.......this would be it without a shadow of a doubt. I love Lalique glass but it his jewellery that takes my breath away......
And I have been captivated by this jewel from the very first time I ever saw it as a young girl.

What it must be like to own something as beautiful as this.......I think I would turn into a bit of a Gollum!!!I hope you like it as much as I do.....just google Lalique jewellery and you will see more stunning examples of his work x


  1. yes it certainly is...can you imagine it on a black evening dress!!!!

  2. its really bizarre but ever since i saw the film Dragonfly about 2/3 weeks ago i am seeing them everywhere!!

  3. I agree with you that it's an amazing piece of work, but it gives me the creeps too. It's the woman merging with the insect and claws that puts me on edge a bit. what a woos I sound.


  4. Prefer his glass! But I do love, and collect, vintage jewellery, Trifari, Lisner, Kramer. I have a Box, or two, full. I am a magpie!

  5. I can see the beauty in it,but I agree with Bobo Bun I'm afraid. I love dragonflies though. :o)

  6. Yes, it is truly beautiful, but I agree that there is something macabre about it. Where is that piece? Did you photograph it in a museum? I too love his glass, but don't have any pieces of my own. Would love a Lalique perfume bottle one day.

  7. Love your teacups by the way. So pretty.


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