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Friday, 1 October 2010

Vintage Weddings Part 2.

If like me you are of a certain age, then your definition of the perfect wedding dress would largely have been defined by pouring over your copy of this book.......
and many, many hours I spent studying every dress in minute detail...........
This is a Cinderella wedding dress in the flesh!!!!!
I love this image of a war time bride............

Although this I am sure was the reality for most war weddings due to rationing, (my nanny and grampys wedding)
Not all vintage wedding outfits are to my taste!!!!!!
What an amazing photograph this would make for a wedding album today, parents and grandparents photos with the brides bouquet and hand with wedding ring on included, a lovely link to the past.
Imagine the weight of this bustle.............................
Everyone loves Audrey although this is a movie dress .....
And although this isn't strictly a wedding dress being the ball gown from My Fair Lady I have always thought it would make an amazing wedding gown............
And last but not least one of the most iconic wedding dresses of all time...Although I must confess I wasn't over whelmed with it on the day, over time I have come to appreciate it. Just look at this shot......if you were to asked to describe a dress for a princess would this not fit the bill down to a tee. I did read a book about this dress, the designer describes the story of the dress from the first phone call off of Diana to the day she walked down the isle and it was amazing to see the work that went into it and the amazing amount of people who worked on it. Also my friend who has actually seen the dress in the flesh remarked that it took her breath away.....she said it looks so plain on the television and in photographs but in real life the whole gown shimmers and sparkles, she said it was the most amazing gown she had ever seen and she went into the exhibition not even liking it!!!
Well I better stop droning on about wedding dresses!!!! But it has made me want to drag out my stash of bridal magazines...(wedding porn) and have a good old drool!!!!


  1. Ooh,yes,I think I'll get all nostalgic now and get my wedding video out! :o)

  2. i would love to see a pic of your big day x x x

  3. If you want to put it on your sidebar.....just drag the pic from my post onto your desktop, go to add a picture in gadgets in your design, load up the picture that is on your desktop and there is a link section. just copy and paste the html that comes up when you click on that post and that should be it! then if you click on the pic on your sidebar it takes you to the giveaway. You can do this on any picture you put in your sidebar if you want to link it to a site page! Hope this helps and makes sense! he he! xxxxxxxxxxxx


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