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Monday, 20 September 2010


Hello peeps!!
This blog post has a little bit of everything in it!!! At long last I have finished my very first patchwork quilt!! Its been hanging around around my living room for months........being used I should add, even in its unfinished state!

Had a long on going battle with the bias binding and non delivery from E-bay which I won't go into, but at last its all done and dusted and now resides on my bed!!! I am so proud of myself!!And every single stitch has been done by mine own fair hand....my next one will be done on the machine!!!!
Here is my next quilt all ready to be sewn up!!

This is a true up cycled quilt, the backing is an old curtain which perfectly matches the squares of material I have sewn into a patchwork. I call this my old roses quilt.

My bedroom is a kind of on going saga too.......I have finally got a lovely new wrought iron bed from the local auction. I now have to sew a selection of miss matched cushions to go across the top of my pillows. This weekend I painted my little bed side cabinet white and added little ceramic rosy handles but lost the before and after pictures off of the memory card somehow...DOH!!
These little cups and saucers now residing above my bed have tiny chips in and I could not bear to throw them away so they are waiting for my first foray into candle making.

I replaced the shade on this wonderful lamp I discovered at the local re-cycling centre and I think it looks lovely!
My collection of floral paintings is gradually growing, ready to be hung soon......

But I am working my way up to the two biggest jobs in my bedroom which I am finding hard to face.....the first and biggest job is painting the wooden floorboards white and the second is the making of my first pair of curtains!!! I am worried about my curtains because they are not simple!!! I will blog about them later!

I have a growing collection of cut glass on my dressing table , I love the glass lamp base, very similar to the ones in Laura Ashley.

Today is my 46th birthday, I realised that I have walked round for a year actually thinking I was already 46. I think I am getting Old Timers!!!
Here are my two favourite pressies so far, and I have only had two lots !!!
A CK bag and purse!!!

I was so excited to receive them!

And unwrapped them and used them straight away!!
I also got two bars of chocolate, earrings, necklace, ring, a rosy bowl, a large shell pendant, a hair ornament, an engraver thingy for my crafting, some Old Skol CD's, rosy soap, and a pink snuggle fleece thingy with arms!!!
Here is the wonderful card my daughter Poppy made for me...I loved it!
Me and the better half went down to the beach today, where I saw this!!! The better half didn't know what it was, and didn't get it!! I didn't realise I lived in such a" with it" town!!!

We sat on the beach for an hour or two just listening to the waves rolling onto the beach.....drinking coffee although I had a vanilla milk because I can't drink caffeine!!!

Here is a picture of my birthday cakes!!! Rhubarb crumble slice....bread pudding and my favourite almond macaroon

What better place to eat your birthday cake?

And what better place to spend your birthday!!!

Till next time folks!!!!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!! Looks like you had a lovely day...and what gorgeous pressies you got! Lucky lady! Well done on the quilt, I have yet to try and make one...it's on the never ending 'to make' list! Have a great rest of a day. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Happy birthday, I am 46 also but keep thinking I am 47 !!
    Love your quilts and everything else !
    Sue x

  3. Happy birthday, sounds like you have had a great day. Your quilt is beautiful, I love the colours. I have started one but I don't think it will be finished any time soon.
    Ann x

  4. Happy Birthday! I guess that it actually quite a bonus - a birthday without actually having to feel older!x

  5. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you are having a lovely day :-)


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