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Monday, 20 September 2010

My proposed curtains!

The curtains in my bedroom are very long and I have been humming and arrhing what do with them.I can't find any that I like so I am planning to make my own! Of course me being me I don't want a plain pair. So this is my idea!
They will be similar in idea to these yellow curtains below......
The top two thirds will be a plain white , then I will have a gingham ribbon separating the next band of fabric ...................
Which I hope will be a duck egg blue floral (rose) fabric............................................

Which will then be separated by a floral ribbon..... from the last band of fabric which will be a small polka dot fabric in red...to match my quilt!

I have just finished a red rose polka dot quilt...(see post below) And I am making a similar one but in duck egg blue for the summer. I am making a mixture of red and duck egg blue cushions to scatter across the top of the bed.

I am a bit apprehensive about tackling them but I am sure that if I put my mind to it and just methodically work through it I can do it!!!!

What do you think??? Will it look nice or a bit weird?????


  1. I think it will look fabulous! Love the quilt in your last post too! Gorgeous!
    Have a lovely day!
    Rachel x

  2. I think it sounds fab! I have a problem with curtains too. I never find any that I really love and think I might have to make my own! Yikes! xxxx

  3. thanks girls!!! i am scared too but how hard can it be...its just rectangles!! and lining...and hems...and weights and heading tape.....cripes!!!!

  4. Hi Just had a lovely read of your blog we like all the same things.
    I am just starting to sew a little, nothing as big as curtains, maybe one day when I've seen yours :) nice to meet you
    Cate x

  5. They sound as though they will be just lovely!I cant wait to see them!


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