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Sunday, 5 September 2010

More presents!!!!

Had quite a few pressies over the last couple of weeks......this beautiful embroidered 6ft tablecloth off of my son and partner........
I threw it straight on my table and photographed it, after an iron the wrinkles disappeared.
They also bought me a beautiful bunch of flowers which i put in an old wash jug which they bought me as a present last year.
This jug is HUGE, but filled with flowers is amazing. Many people may be put off by the size of these jugs but if you ever have the chance to purchase one I urge you to go ahead and do it!!!
I have many different size of jugs and vases but my flowers have never been displayed as wonderfully as in this jug. The huge washbowls are useful too........imagine one filled with ice and bottles placed in it, an ideal party bowl!!!!!

The Better Half came home with this rosy cake plate that is just too pretty to sell,
Don't you think its wonderful!
A great excuse for a Vicky sponge methinks!!!!!


  1. Hi miz-bag!

    Am pleased its Popii who is my 75th/76th:)

    I think I know what I will send her. Am glad you said she was doing art gcse, give me more idea:-/

    You were behind my Mum and Sis on Thursday.

    They couldnt believe you were a GRANNY!! haha.

    I did Budleigh for a YEAR!! not brilliant:-/ very hit and miss and never good, if you know what I mean.

    Have you thought about trying Exmouth Pavilions. Its on once a month, its not too bad. Let me know, will give you details:)
    Michele x

  2. Some lovely pretty things. That's a fabulous big table cloth - I've lots of small embroidered ones but have to use two to cover my table!
    I'm having a giveawayon my blog - do pop over and join in!

  3. Why dont you start a Vintage and Modern yourself? You know what I mean.
    Michelle x


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