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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Did you play with tea sets?????

I can remember playing with a little china tea set as a little girl and I don't suppose I have changed that much in all these years!
As you know if you read my blog I have a thing about china, I have been buying china over the last few months with a view to selling it! But I still haven't found the ideal venue yet.So things have been bought individually and shoved away in boxes.
Lying in bed the other night I was musing over the things I had bought and realised that I hadn't been looking at the big picture!!!

I realised that I have enough china to make up complete sets on a theme!! So when I got up in the morning I started playing!!
My first set was this pink rose set.....
Look at the beautiful gilding on these plates ...............
My next set was this sunshine yellow set.......
Who wouldn't love having breakfast or tea in the garden with this............
Everything went together so well.........
It was as if they were made to go together..........

I think they are even prettier than matching sets!!! I still have plenty more to play around with!!! What fun!!
Now I just have to find someone who wants them!!LOL!!

Had a very pleasant accident, I buy my tea bags individually wrapped in paper and then I put them in tins......I have an emergency tin where I place a few of each kind together in case I run out. I didn't realise that when I placed my green tea infused with vanilla in there that it was so strong, so when I ran out of Earl Grey the other and retrieved a bag from the emergency tin and brewed it I had Vanilla Earl Grey....it was absolutely delish!! A happy mistake I will be repeating on purpose! x x

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