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Thursday, 9 September 2010

You wait ages for a tea cup to appear and then they all arrive at once!!!!

Lately when I have been treasure hunting there have been few tea cups to be had, but today I found quite a few, all the ones I have posted and quite a few spare ones that I didn't photograph. I still grab the lone items to make up miss matched sets.
Look at this pretty cup and saucer, with my favourite on...roses!!!

There were five of them, the perfect number....one for me and tea for four to sell!!
Found a big pile of these pretty side plates, lots of heavy gilding and pretty baby pink, although you can't really see how pink they are in the picure.
Found this large glass cake platter........
It really is quite huge! But very pretty.
Toile!!Duck egg blue!!!
Discovered these two Laura Ashely lampshades...not vintage I know but shabby never the less.
Do you like wild flowers? Buttercups and forget me nots I think.....
Two trios.....They will go with my yellow cake stand, just need to find a yellow tea pot now.
This cup is a little sweetie...but it wasn't till I got it home that I realised it had a tiny chip on it.....I was loathe to throw it in the bin so I will try and think of something to do with it. Its soooo pretty and dainty.
I think I have a matching sugar bowl to this somewhere...............
And The Better Half came home with this Royal Albert plate, he's starting to learn a thing or two!!
Remember if you see anything you would like to own contact me , I am open to offers and
please don't forget about my give away...........talk soon x


  1. What a lovely stash you got . Love the lampshades but I dont need any!
    Good luck
    Sue x

  2. Hey! I just saw you became a follower of my blog and i want to say thank you! and im so happy ive found yours!
    Up until a few months ago i had been living in plymouth devon and i really love your blog! I especially love the plates with the gold. I've been desperately wanting some show plates and those would look amazing.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog!


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