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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Wild White Violets

Here are the wild white violets growing in The Byes..they are on the banks of the River Sid. I love wild violets so imagine my delight when I found these white ones.
 I used to have violets growing in my garden and I really miss being able to pick some......

This year I have made her this violet posy brooch...... and I have a little surprise to go along with it....but I can't show you that until Mothering Sunday x x


  1. I too love wild violets, which I am very lucky to have both the purple and white in my yard. They are probably my favorite part of spring, which I am desperately waiting for as this winter has been very cold and long. Love your heart!

    1. we have had a very mild and very wet winter which is a shame as i love the snow...violets are one of my mum's favorite flower x


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