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Thank you for dropping by....i will be blogging about my life in Devon by the sea-side, decorating my 1926 home, vintage treasure hunting from auctions, charity shops , recycling centres and the good old british car booty!! One mans rubbish is another mans treasure! baking, sewing, painting and probably the weather!!!! enjoy!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Not perfect .........

I know everyone in blogland likes to make out they are bloomin peachy perfick all the blinkin time..wafting around their immaculate houses, creating masterpieces with bunnies and butterflies following them around..well I am
blinking well  far from it...
 I kinda feel like this.....


Which makes me into one of these..........
So I try and and hide as much as I can....I even loose the will to muck around and try and make things.....everyone should have a bitch teacup for when they are feeling evil.........(tea cup supplied and sent to me my my very good friend MoreTVicar
Normal service will resume  .........eventually.............when I have sucked it up and stopped feeling sorry for myself.......


  1. As one who has been there lately I can quite understand when you can't be ars oops bothered to do even the things you love. You have a good moan, if you can't moan to friends who can you moan to. Hope you feel more 'you' soon. X

  2. lol i am a champion moaner! x x x

  3. Well said...love it!! Take care, life's a bitch, then we get back to stitching LOL !


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