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Saturday, 2 March 2013

It's Mothers Day soon!

Blinkin heck......I need to get a wiggle on! Where has the time gone?
Most years I try and make my mother a present...She collects violet china and luckily I have lots of violets growing in my garden ...so one year I planted a violet plant in a violet tea cup.....
Last year I embroidered a little heart with violets on....
But I haven't even started thinking about Mothers Day this year......what am I going to do?
I did get out my Mother china.....in preparation for my Mothers Day breakfast in bed tray......
My son bought me this wonderful Mother tea pot one year......
And I have been given  beautiful mother cups over the years.....
And grandma cups too!

I was pottering around town and found this little vase for 95p...
I grabbed it...to give to my husband to give to my daughter to give to me on Mothering Sunday.....
These vintage finds don't hang around long so you have to grab them while you can.... its soooooo sweet, I did contemplate giving it to my mother.....but luckily she didn't like it!
Will make a perfect addition to my breakfast tray, I just have to decide which cup to choose.....
I will have to get my thinking cap on and think what I can make Mother this year....Have you made any nice Mothers Day presents?


  1. Hi thanks for your comment. Your china collection is lovely and so is the heart. I haven't made anything- I think I have left it too late! X

    1. it's never too late...quick what can we do!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I use to make a cake for my mum.
    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. my mum doesn't live by me so if i made her a cake i would have to eat it lol x

  3. How lovely to have this special set for your children to use each year..

    1. it is lovely to use cups for special days...i have a happy anniversary one to use on my wedding anniversary and a a merry christmas one...i just need a happy birthday cup,


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