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Thursday, 14 March 2013

A simple post involving spring flowers and tea pots

This post is all about yellow spring flowers.....
I had beautiful yellow spring flowers....
And tea pots......
I put the spring flowers in the tea pots......
and viola... ....  its not rocket science or even a particularly original idea and I really can't find any arty farty, shabby chicy, trendy, cool thing to waffle on about..its flowers in a tea pot! simple,pretty ..and brightens a cold wintry day...x x x x 


  1. simple is often best.Evey year I get excited about primroses and I hope I always will. HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND . HX

    1. could you tell i was in a bit of a mood, when i blogged this lol!!!! i crystallized primroses one year to put on the top of cakes x along with violets out of my garden x


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