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Monday, 11 March 2013

Furniture Makeovers

I got given some beautiful yellow roses and thought I would base my breakfast tray around them...I suddenly realised that out of all my hundreds of tea cups I only have one yellow mis matched tea cup and saucer, and I love lemon yellow!!!!!
I put the roses in one of my prized possessions ..an old crazed, chipped and dare I say it very well "aged" Sadler rose bud tea pot....its old, beat up and cost me 50p from a bootie....but I adore its faded grandeur ....I thought about bleaching it up but decided I loved it warts and all .
Got no yellow sugar bowls to match though!!!!
But a beautiful yellow daisy teapot!
A pale lemon breakfast tray x
Decided to get cracking and make over three pieces of small furniture I have had lying around the house for quite a while!A standard lamp....
A beautiful tapestry fire screen I use infront of the fire when its not lit...
And a small table.....a lovely colour...but scuffed and scratched...and I found a small plaque that said Harrods ,SW, London on it....How gert posh is I! I have a  table from Harrods!
Cracked out the old faithfuls...I cannot believe how many things I have painted from these two tins...
If it stands still long enough in my house it gets painted.......first coat on and I got bored waiting for it to dry...so I started playing with the camera.....
I use this tea pot, covered sugar bowl and jug to keep leads, headphones and cards in.....
The pink tea cup lamp my daughter made me.
My picture wall....
My huge over sized lampshade and comfy sofa covered with the first quilt I ever made...
My fireplace cupboard..the first "old" thing I bought and painted for my home....
I love the deep raspberry on my wall...it changes to a different hue as the light changes throughout the day and makes the room warm and cosy.....
My cushions....bought and chucked together...even if.....
they don't match!
Second coat on and I stopped for a bit of crinoline lady tea......
And here they all are......
Distressed and waxed..the hubster walked in and went"oh...you've rubbed a bit too much off of the lamp"...Poppy walked in and said "oh...you need to rub a bit more off of the lamp"...so I figure I did it just right.....Ok...What can I paint next.......


  1. Gorgeous! I firmly believe that things look much better painted white! I just adore all your china - so pretty!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

    1. so do I...Ihave two great big dressers to paint...but i cannot decide what colours to do them! and i have so much china i could do a different tray nearly every day of the year...its getting out of hand!

  2. Your home looks gorgeous ... I LOVE that pink wall! Your makeovers look so much fresher with their coat of paint.
    M x

    1. Thank you M, I look at other peoples and feel mine is nowhere near as cool...its a work in progress is all i can say x x thanks for the lovely comments x

  3. Hi Thanks for your comment, if you win a pie funnel let me know its you !
    Your painting projects look great
    Sue x

    1. will do and thank you for popping over x

  4. You have a beautiful home everything looks lovely. That first tea cup and saucer i have the matching jug to that set and the yellow and rose sadlet teapot i have the same one but in pink :-) Great makeovers and your daughters teacup lamp she made you is amazing, dee x

    1. thank you delia....i love china although even i am beginning to think i may have too much now!...the lamp is amazing i am so lucky i have such a talented daughter! there is a pink tea pot the same as yours in the shop...but i can't really justify getting another one lol x x

  5. Hi, are you your collection?
    Can i buy sadler teapot yellow?
    Please email me at abyoso@gmail.com


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