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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Too much?........

 Here are a few pics of my china dresser....Five years ago when I moved to Sidmouth I didn't even own a tea cup.

 I think I ALMOST have enough now..although I would quite like 365 different patterns........

 One for each day of the year.........

 And to be fair its not a " for looking at" collection, I use a different one everyday..on a tray..with tea pot, sugar bowl and milk jug....
 Me mother goes barmy at the amount of washing up it generates and people generally think I am nuts.....and that  mugs are much easier......"Do I look like a hairy a**ed bricklayer is my usual reply...I ....am  LADY....and Ladies use tea cups!"
 And a china tea cup makes the tea taste sooooooo much better.....its lovely walking into my dining room in the morning and perusing the patterns...deciding what mood i am in..which pattern fits that mood ...
 Am i in a Victorian mood? or do I feel all Art Deco today? 1940's rose or am I in a Granny mood when only my Grandma cup will suffice....I even have a pretty W.I cup although I am not in the W.I !
 And do not get me started on tea pots!

"One more tea pot comes into this house and it's divorce! " my husband threatens...."Don't tempt me" is my reply as I sneakily remove a tea pot from under my jumper.....

 This morning I was in a Royal Albert Kentish Rockery kinda mood........

Anyone wanna come and play tea sets with me?


  1. :-) Goodness that is one serious tea set collection :-) I love it i did chuckle at your husbands response about no more teapots. My mum says the same as you about tea tasting better from a cup and saucer. dee xx

  2. Tea definitely tastes nicer from bone china!
    What is your favourite, mine is Earl Grey.
    May I come and play.......?
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. earl grey all the way x
    yes you can x

  4. I only drink coffee, but I still drink it in a vintage cup and saucer.
    I love your collection, I thought I was the only mad one out there.
    Adore your collection of tea pots. I only have a couple. I would love to come and play tea sets.....

  5. You make a nice strong cup of tea! my man's so pleased I dont have(quite)so many tea cups. see you tomorrow at knit cafe. hx


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  7. Hello and thank you for calling round. For a moment I thought that one of my sisters had set up a blog as she has a dresser full of china just like yours and a few hundred in the cupboards. My sister loans her china out to the WI for their fund raising events.
    Enjoy your tea sets
    Best wishes


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