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Friday, 1 February 2013

Knit Club.....

Fridays are my most  absolute favourite day ...knitting club x

Heres where the magic happens....

Follow the knitted bunting....
To the handcrafted open sign and step inside, into another world.

I am not a knitter but teaching myself to crochet, a very slow and painful process, and I have always crafted alone.....suddenly I was in a room full of inspirational and talented people.
As well as helpful advice, and guidance there is a table full of wonderful handmade treasures that anyone can use to sell things.... 

 I drool over the bits every week and wish I had far more pennies to spend than i do.

The hosts welcome everyone with open arms and strive very hard to make it a wonderful experience every week.......

 I of course love all the vintage china tea cups.....

and the homemade cakes........

As well as the clatter of needles, and the laughter and the chatter and the swapping of ideas and the show and tells and the oohs and ahhs as people show off  patterns and wools and finished items....its wonderful and I am so glad I found Knit Club x x

The Travelling Woolberries Knit Cafe  meets at the Untarian old meeting church Sidmouth , every Friday 10am- 12 mid-day, just pop along and poke your head around the door and find a very warm welcome.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

 I have this wonderful 1950's Encyclopedia Of Knitting for sale for any of you knitters or vintage collectors.
 As well as detailed instructions and methods, It's chock full of patterns for vintage 1950 items, including jumpers and cardis, and skirts and baby clothes and shawls and household items.

It can be purchased via a paypal payment for £19.99 including postage (within the uk). I am quite willing to post abroad just contact me for a postage quote. If you are interested at all just leave a comment and we will go from there. Many thanks x


  1. Oh how I wish I still lived in Sidmouth!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. My what a fabtastic knit club. thanks duckie great post.

  3. Hello! Thank you for joining in my pen-pal pairing! You're very welcome, I will announce the pairs on Saturday :) - I am so glad to have found your lovely blog, i've just become a follower and am very much looking forward to reading back through your previous posts - I LOVE vintage china especially teasets, what beautiful pictures of yours, Marina xx

  4. what a lovely combination, hand knitting and crafting along with retro tea cups.....fantastic.

    Jayne Murphy

  5. How can I find out details of when this lovely club meets please?

  6. Hi. Ive seen your sign at the Unitarian chapel. ? Id love to pop in. Im a cackhanded knitter, roughly speaking, in my early 60s but in denial and dropping stitches is a speciality! Ive recentlyvtaken up knitting again after over 30years! Its got me by the throat! Could I pop in? Also, how would I make an offer on the knitting encyclopedia? I love vintage! Super blog. Regards, Pauline x

  7. Hi
    Would any of your members (either individually or collectively) be interested in selling their creations at Branscombe Harvest Fair? Tables are £5. Please see our Facebook page - Branscombe Harvest Fair or contact Hazel - hgoodier@sfmail.net


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