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Friday, 8 February 2013

Say goodbye ...say hello....

I said goodbye to this  beautiful part set of Royal Albert Masquerade this week....

 I have a penchant for black china...its so dramatic and even though its vintage can look very contemporary in a modern setting....I have numerous black patterns ranging from Victorian to to the 40's....
 This beautiful set is off to Scotland, I hope its happy and is well loved in its new home x x x

And this week I said hello to this beautiful Colclough trio.....
 A gift from a beloved Aunty.......I think its one of the prettiest patterns that I have....
 I asked my youngest daughter Poppy (16) if she like my latest tea cup and her eyes lit up and she said "ooooh ooooh...is that mine?...I think its MY tea cup mother....Let's make a cup of tea.........." as she took it from my hands......I think I will have to share it!
Have a good weekend everybody x x x x I shall be using my new tea cup all weekend x

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  1. What a pretty set. I love the pink. My daughter share's my china too! She loves to do the whole tea set thing with milk jug, sugar bowl etc. It's funny how we pass our love for things, to our fami;ly.


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