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Friday, 2 May 2014

Lilac Jam .....Part 1

 I got into foraging last year and discovered that you could make a jam/jelly from Lilac flowers just a few weeks too late in the season.
 This year I have been kindly donated a lovely bag of Lilac flowerheads.......
 What a beautiful job plucking the flower heads, they made a satisfying little snap as the flower is snapped from the stem...and the smell is divine....I now have to pour boiling water over the flowers and leave to infuse overnight....
 I saved one perfect flower head to crystalise the flowers for decorating a cake for next weeks knitting club.
I  will post part 2, the making of the jam tomorrow, and show you the Lilac scented Victoria Sponge I will make with it x x I may even have a jar or two  to sell! I need to find more Lilac bushes!!!


  1. It sounds wonderful.

  2. I can't even imagine what that would taste like! so if you do have an extra jar to sell I would really like to buy one please? x


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