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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Dandelion Petal Cake......

 As regular readers of my blog will be aware I have got into foraging ....BIG TIME.
At the moment I am captivated by the humble Dandelion......Making a few Dandelion Petal Cakes....
It's very labour intensive.....involving picking dandelion heads....washing them, then pulling all the petals off, steeping overnight, straining, making into a syrup,  then pickinganother lot of  dandelions, washing  and pulling all the petals off to put into the cake along with syrup. But well worth all the effort x x

Next week I am making another lot of syrup, and some dandelion marmalade which is delicious, would anyone be interested in purchasing a jar off of me???????


  1. The cake sounds hard work but looks lovely.

  2. Your cakes are the best and I've eaten a lot of cake hx


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