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Thursday, 27 January 2011

You wait 46 years for a quilt to come along....and three arrive at once.....

Hello my friends, here is quilt number three, which I have managed to finish. Its a belated Christmas present for a dear aunt. I did complete most of it before my hands got bad, and as this good patch seems to be lasting I thought I would finish it!
It's another lap quilt , this time with a more contempary feeling......
Its in a light brown to pale green palate......hope she likes it!! x x
Been enjoying my cake again after falling off the dieting waggon......suddenly I am using my china a lot more!
What do you think of this roll of wallpaper that has fallen into my lap...it's very 1950's and heavily embossed! I am sure that someone out there would love it out there..........I am going to list it on my other blog Sidmouth Poppy Treasures.
I also made two denim flower corsages......
Just have to buy some brooch backs off of e-bay......will try making some from my stack of vintage fabrics next.
Am a bit frustrated as my last operation on my right hand has been put back from the very beginning of March to the very end of March, which may interfere with my planned Royal Wedding High Tea Party!!! I may have to ask my guests to help prepare everything!!!

Please don't forget my giveaway explained on this post...it's run over from December! Good luck and please tell your friends about it x


  1. Lovely work!

    Shirl x

  2. Lovely quilt and fab wallpaper!! Just discovered your blog - its right up my street :o)

    Scarlett x


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