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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

More Finds!

Look what The Hubster came home with today!!!
Four beautiful tea pots!!
A beautiful Sadler willow patterned one...........

A very pretty rose one....
A yellow beehive shaped one , I think it looks 1930's but if you know better please let me know x

And big brown Betty.... she is a beauty!
If you know anything about the history/age of these tea pots , I would be very grateful if you would let me know x

I was also faced with a bit of a dilemma! As The Hubster also brought home a new Kenwood.....

And a Kitchen Aid, I must admit I was very tempted...........

But really could not bear the thought of giving up my retro Kenwood!!!!!! x Till next time x


  1. What I want to know is how you have got your husband trained? - mine groans when I buy any stock and says - where are you going to keep that with a lot of eye rolling !

  2. ha ha!!! i just keep buying things !!!! i have only sold three things so i think he knows its for me really!! x x x x

  3. I'll take the kitchen aid off your hands! ;o)

    I remember my mum having one of the retro Kenwoods!

    Victoria x

  4. Kitchenaids are amazing they're worth a small fortune too! :-)

  5. Are you kidding me? A husband that brings you teapots? You won the lottery with him!

    And the teapots are lovely.


  6. Cute tea pots!!! I love that one with the Sadler willow pattern so gorgeous!

  7. Love the little beehive shaped one. Congratulations on having a hubster that brings home teapots :) x

  8. I love your retro kenwood, i wouldn't part with that either. I love the yellow teapot what a great shape. I agree with the others your hubby is well trained ;-)) Dee x

  9. bless thank you for the comments ladies...he is a dear...he does roll his eyes and moans about more shabby s***e stuff coming into the house...BUT...he is a present buyer and is always coming home with a rose trio or dish.. or pinnie.......or teapot!!! bless him x x x x


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