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Saturday, 13 November 2010

My First Jumble Sale For Twenty Years........

Oh my days...went to my first jumble sale for twenty years today....queued up out side all nice and genteel joking about 40 million pound vases. But when the door opened it was like a rugby scrum free for all......I had to half nelson a pensioner to get this beautiful cup!!! She practically tried to tear it out of my hands!!!

It was all taped up upside down on the saucer and when I got it home I had a lovely surprise....
This months name....I am having a cup of tea in it in a minute!

I bought these lovely padded coathangers.........
A lovely gingham tablecloth.......
And a set of retro 1970's Christmas lights.....
The Hubster was very pleased with his purchase of binoculars and a length of apparently very good quality rope.....bless x
I quite enjoyed the experience and will be looking for a few more to go to but putting my shin guards and elbow pads on......

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  1. AMAZING finds! Love them all, all of them.
    And LMAO at the rugby scrum. I went to a jumble like that last week, I need to sharpen my elbows for the next one.

  2. O, yes, indeed, you need your wits about you when you take on the pensioners at the jumble. I reckon some of those pensioner were in the special ops during the war!

    Beautiful finds, your November cup is very pretty ... :0)

    Shirl xxx

  3. There are very few around here anymore, and when there is one, the stuff is nothing like it used to be. My only jumble this year was about a month ago, I did get some Witney wool blankets & some massive lined Sanderson curtains.
    I hope that you enjoyed your tea!
    Tracey x


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