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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Five minuite pressie made for pennies!!!

Went treasure hunting today and found these two little box frames....I quickly paid for them and ran home with my mind buzzing!!! I go in for my hand op on Friday so I have very little time to make anything for Christmas pressies.

The other half took out the staples for me and then it was a five minute job of glueing stuff!
The scrabble tiles I already had hanging around and I used some Cath Kidston notepaper and envelopes I had for my birthday pressy.
What do you think? they cost less than a pound! A present for my little grandaughter and one of my friends x x x sorry for the bad quality of the pictures!!! They look much better in the flesh so to say!!!


  1. What a clever girl. Brilliant ideas. Having just got my mitts on your blog, I can't tell you how happy I am to discover someone as potty as me. You know how things go down in family history? Well a famous quote from my Hubs is "No one goes to Sidmouth!" Remind me to tell you the story one day. And that is why your blog title on Shirl's page jumped out at me! Oh and the fact my grandchildren call me Poppy. LLX

  2. A cute idea..I'm sure they're going to be thrilled with their pressies! ;o)

  3. They look fab !
    Good luck with your hand
    Best wishes
    Sue x


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