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Monday, 8 November 2010

More presents!

Aren't people kind......I have had lots of presents over the week.....
My neighbour came over with a beautiful bunch of flowers..........

This butterfly was amongst the flowers......
Mother was down to help me out......she found these two miniature cake stands in the charity shop
They were a wonderful surprise and really cheered me up!!!!
Mother also bought me back this beautiful bottle of rose syrup!!! so far I have tipped it over some ice-cream ....delish!!!
Look at the beautiful colour x
Another present off of my friend...some photo frame fridge magnets...
A china handled bottle opener from my grandsons.....

Mother also got me 12 golden baubles for my bling Christmas tree, I have two each year......
My living room tree is red and gold and I have over 300 baubles and counting......it takes me one and a half hours just to hang the baubles. I liked these little bags, there were five of them ...good for chocolates, sweets or little presents to hang in the tree.
all these golden goodies were a pound in the charity shop.......
This little beaded Christmas wreath was purchased from the Mooncake Festival by mother on her recent trip to Borneo.
And last but not least...a belated birthday pressie from my son and partner..this wonderful tea pot.......
Shall I be mother??????

Many thanks to all those who have sent me lovely messages.............
I still have two painful hands, only now I have one I can't use at all! But things have to get worse before they get better!!! My backslap is taken off at the end of this week(thank heaven as it is soo itchy!)....then I have to have a splint....stitches out in two weeks........
And with physio I should have a normal hand in six weeks.....then it's on to my right hand which is always a bit more difficult as I am right handed and really will be useless for a couple of weeks!!! As it is I feel as much use as a chocolate teapot! Hubster has to cut up my dinners, butter my toast and tie my shoelaces!!!AND I get told off like a naughty school girl if I go to do anything!!! Oh well I have kept you all long enough....it's certainly taken me a lot longer to type one handed...see you all soon!!!
And please don't forget to leave a comment under my latest giveaway post if you would like the goodies I have selected x x


  1. Goodness me, your mother leads an exciting life. Happy Belated Birthday by the way. Hope you and your hand feel much better soon, sending you hugs.

    Shirl xxx

  2. Your Xmas tree will look amazing with all those decorations on...so sparkly! All those lovely gifts must have really cheered you up.Hope your hand heals soon.Just rest and enjoy being looked after. :0)

  3. You poor thing! But I do envy you, that lovely teapot!

    Lisa xoxo

  4. Hi, so nice of you to pop over one handed and all. We could be a mirror image, although my fingers are cover too :( Mine might come off next week, although I am worried by wrist will still need support because they took the bone graft from there. Gross. Try and enjoy the pampering :) Tamara


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