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Monday, 4 November 2013

Christmas Stocking Fillers and Floral Pictures

 Hello peeps have been busy doing nothing as the saying goes ...
 But I have got around to making a few lickel stocking fillers for the girls, vintage button hairgrips.....
 Button brooches
 And smelly sweater hearts....nice smelly not nasty smelly, they have a few drops of Fresh Linen oil on the stuffing and are made from old felted sweaters.....
 Now most of the flowers of summer have faded I am taking great delight in my flower pictures
 I love my Vernon Ward flowers.....
 This plaster flower was found at a jumble sale, and I love the dark flower picture underneath
 My latest flower acquisition..50p from a jumble sale, it had lots of marks all over it but I got it home and removed the print, cleaned the glass and it scrubbed up good as new! 
 This is my favourite...its paper mounted on a plaster plaque.....
And my giant floral standard  lampshade  which I have hung from the centre of the ceiling , which is the bane  of my rather tall Hubsters life as he keeps banging his head on it, but as I say you have to suffer for beauty and I keep hoping it will knock some sense into him!

Hope you are all enjoying November ...and the slow build up to to the festive season 


  1. Love the stocking fillers.
    My grandparents had a copy of the fourth picture up from the bottom
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Great thing to do with buttons and old jumpers!! Hope your Hubster soon remembers to duck down before hitting the lampshade!!! :)


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