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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Autumn Beach Afternoons

 Hasn't the weather been glorious for November......
 Had some wonderful walks along the beaches in blazing sunshine,
 We have been able to bask in the autumn sunshine....
 We collected sea shells for a Christmas present idea I have ..sea shell bunting!
 We sat and talked, threw pebbles into the sea and did our special tricks!

 We have spent time on Beer beach and Sidmouth beach too

We were even adopted by Bella for the afternoon, a fisherman's dog who spent hours chasing pebbles we threw for her, think we would still be doing it if she had her way.
Hope you have been enjoying the autumn sunshine too x


  1. Lovely photo's. I could just have a walk along that beach right now. its turned colder now but its dry which is great :-) have a lovely weekend, dee x

  2. Great balancing act in pic 5, and love the idea of shell bunting!! : )


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