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Thursday, 9 December 2010

One Up One to Go!

Got my living room tree up today!!!
The hubster got all the boxes from the attic and then did the most vital of all jobs warming the mulled wine!
I have an artificial tree that take an hour to put up!! Or an hour and a quarter if you loose the top...the hubster searched the attic twice and was getting a tad irate...when....I discovered it on the floor under the tree! Who on earth could have put it there??????
Here it is all up!! Had a little rest................
Before I started to put all these baubles on...I just cannot stop buying them!!!!
And two hours later....here it is in all its glory......just have to get a fuse bulb tomorrow, as only half the lights are on!
Will show you some of my favourite baubles in my next post when the light is better......just my dining room tree to go now...a much more traditional/ vintage/homemade tree.

I look forward to seeing every ones trees!

Every Christmas tree is beautiful!


  1. hehehe, maybe your hubby should have read the keep calm sign behind him while he was searching for the top. Your tree looks lovely. We have only a teeny tiny tree this year and only decorated with 6 small glittery birds :) The kids have a small white tree in their room decorated with their handmade decorations, simple but sweet. Looking forward to seeing the baubles in your next post, Tamara x

  2. Goodness, that's a big tree - looks as if its about to swallow your hubby! Looks great decorated :)

  3. It's a beauty! We just put ours up too, and discovered that this year we have SO many ornaments (dating back to the early '60s, since my mum gave us her entire collection) that they no longer all fit on a seven-foot tree! It's a nice feeling, though...all those years of memories.

  4. Hello,
    Thank you for the comment on my thrifty finds! I am not surprised to hear you have some of it as you have so many gorgeous vintage goodies. Once you start you can't stop. This it true as I've just bought MORE vintage china! OOopps! Will pop it on the blog soon! xx


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