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Thursday, 9 December 2010

I Need Your Help (my messy dresser!!)

Not long to go now peeps!!! I am busy spring cleaning my rooms ready to bring down my trees!
Here are a few little decorations I made for my dining room tree, very simple, scrabble blocks, glue and ribbon!! My dining room tree is more vintagey and home madey!
I had a lovely surprise this morning.....when I made my breakfast tray up!

I grabbed my new tea cup off of the dresser, along with the first tea pot I came too...walked into the kitchen, put them down on the side as I flicked the kettle on...and then let out a huge squeal!!!!!!!!!!
They matched.......perfectly!!!!! Even though they they are made by completely different makers!....my husband wasn't half as impressed as I was!!!

Anyways peeps...here's where your help comes in...I have a pine dresser where I keep some of my collection of china,Its all shoved on there rather haphazardly..... and needs a good organise!
I have added some cup hooks this week....I need many more as I have bags of cups to put on there still...... I think I will have a few empty ones left over by the time I have put cup hooks on both shelves.... (a great excuse to buy more!!! yesssss!)
I plan to paint her in the New Year but am stuck as to what colour to paint her.......
Cream? pink? duck egg blue?....I have a thing for matt black painted furniture at the moment too but think this may be a bit heavy for my dining room which is cream and pink...but then again I could decorate!!!!!

What do you all think????


  1. Cream is a great colour and would set off china well, but i am a sucker for duck egg blue. The palest of shades would set off all the china perfectly! Happy colour choosing!


  2. I would have squealed too. And my husband would have done the same :) I swing between the lovely pure look of white and the cosiness of duck egg blue.

    But my dresser is always messy. I use all the crockery in it and it ends up getting put away very haphazardly.

    And what about knobs? I love the big chunky white ones but also lean towards the glass ones as well. Oh too many choices.

    Good Luck,


  3. My hubby is used to me squealing like that!
    I agree with coco rose,a cream colour would be lovely to set off your pretty china.I intend to paint mine in the New Year too....mind you I've been saying that for a few years now!!

  4. paint an off white creamy colour - it will look gorgeous!!!

    I love the decs and your break tray looks scrumptious!! xx

  5. i vote for a nice soft green. i have quite a bit painted that shade at my house and it never fails to please.

    your china is lovely



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