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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

I love making presents x

I have family coming to visit this weekend and my cousin is bringing his lovely wife Amy who is a very stylish lady with a vintage/retro vibe going on. I love buying presents but I love making them even more!!! I found this lovely pair of pale lemon dress gloves for her..............
Then this beautiful little vintage brooch caught my eye , and I had an idea!

I got out my sewing box and sorted through my fabrics and ribbons and made this little heart to fix the pin to. I hope she likes it!!
I think it's a lovely way to display a piece of jewellery, much better than locking it away in a box or drawer where you can't see it!
Its an idea I am going to remember for Christmas, and I think its so sweet, I am almost loath to give it away....what do you think????

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