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Monday, 2 June 2014

my first sourdough loaf

 My first attempt at a sourdough loaf.....I have enjoyed feeding my starter....although at sometimes I was convinced it wasn't working...it was just doing all its growing when I wasn't looking at it...and when I did it was flat and hungry....
 I kneaded and kneaded and was convinced it wouldn't work ...but...at the end of the first proving I could see that it had.....
 Didn't have a fancy proving basket so I just lined a mixing bowl with a heavily floured napkin.....
 But I had a brain wave I need to find a lacy cloth or doily and have patterned bread!
 After the second proving I was well impressed...i still had two hours to go but was worried it would "over" prove....so I cooked it...should I have left it????? Can anyone tell me?
 Here is the finished loaf......It was very light and tasty..although it didn't taste sour at all ( i did use a recipe that included a tablespoon of honey)
It was gobbled up with tons of butter dipped into my home made pea and ham soup, a family fav...and the next day I used it to make garlic bread to accompany our meal....It was very satisfying to make and I intend to use the weekend to perfect  my baking skills....practice makes perfect!


  1. My Mr made sourdough recently but made such a mess that I have banned him from making it again, even though it tasted delish!!

    1. noooooo you can't ban someone from making bread! x x x x


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